Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cowboy vest

Rebb found this vest that Boggy had saved from when Burk was little. He immediately fell in love with it and started calling it his cowboy vest. It is a little tight when buttoned, but Rebb doesn't care. He insisted on wearing it to daycare over this Thomas shirt. So funny. His teacher told me he would not take it off all day. He wouldn't let anyone touch it or unbutton it for him. I really wanted to find an old pic of Burk wearing it in 1980 to post with this one of Rebb but I figure I would post this now and if we find one of Burk later I will follow up. It was the perfect time for him to find it while in his "cowboy obsession". I love that this boy likes what he likes and it doesn't matter what everyone else is doing/wearing.

Happy Un-Birthday

Last weekend Porter went to a birthday party for his friend Jackson. Rebb was DEVASTATED. He wanted to go so bad. When he stopped crying he demanded we have " ah own pawdy, wis candles". So we made a cake and had a little party of our own. It was pretty fun. A small price to pay to mend a broken heart.

                        Rebb helped with the cake the whole way. Dumping in the ingredients,

                                                                     stirring the mix,

                                            frosting, or at least licking the knife after I iced it,

                                               adding some bling, in the form of sprinkles,

                                                   putting in the very important candles,

                                                 supervising the lighting of the candles,

                                        and the most important part, blowing out the candles.

 I guess the make do party worked. Look at this face. I enjoyed this party Rebb, it was my favorite private party ever.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Congratulations Porter

Burk and I were invited to the ACE assembly today at Porter's school. He received and award because he scored at Benchmark on the DIBELS reading test. I am not exactly sure what all that entails but I am so very proud. Porter is super intelligent and has always been an incredible reader. He works on it everyday and in first grade reads on about a third grade level. Burk and I are both avid readers and I am so thankful that Porter has found a love of reading. This boy is amazing and makes me PROUD everyday.

The questions they ask....................

On the way home from school the other day Porter said "Mom are we white, or African American?". At first I just thought it was such a funny question. As I talked about it with him more and more I became increasingly happy and proud that he has made it to almost 7 years old and didn't know the difference. I have always loved that young age, and the way little people just love all other little people. What a beautiful world it would be if we could all exist forever in this innocence, and see past peoples colors, sexes, beliefs, religions and political views. Thank you Porter for the reminder and the laugh.

Superbowl Party

Our annual superbowl eating extravaganza was a hit this year. There was a big bunch of us and SO MUCH FOOD!! We were at Papa Joes house and the boys got to enjoy the game in the newly finished basement on the BIG screen. I think there was some type of sporting event happening but mostly we were consumed with food. We had the usual mongo chow, meatballs, weenies, veggies (I ate one carrot, so I could say I had some healthy food)  little sandwiches, chips and queso, and superbowl candy. But we added some new things as well. Julie brought a new twist on mongo chow it is marshmellowy and as addicting as Jennies original that we always demand.
Tata and I wanted to try some pinterest recipes so she made Football shaped cake pops, and I made bacon wrapped chicken bites. Both turned out awesome. Dave and Bonnie brought egg rolls and cream cheese wontons. It was a really fun night. But when I left I swore I would never eat again. In true Kalli form I took the camera but forgot to take pics until the very end.

 When I went downstairs complaining that I had forgotten to take pics Sammy decided to be a good brother and act excited for a great action shot. :)

 We were so excited Toni came up to party with us. As always we couldn't get her out of the kitchen. She is always the cleaning crew.

 Aleksa was a good sport playing checkers with Porter. He sometimes likes to think he is the authority on checkers. And gets a little bossy. I wonder if he learned it from playing Tetris from his Mom?

                              Here are Michelle, Julie, and Hillface. Aren't the Jones' girls beautiful? We are so excited they are part of our family now.

Happy Birthday Pops!!!

Last weekend we had a little birthday celebration for Pops. Nothing too big just some pizza, and I made a super yummy new dessert I found on pinterest. Oreo, banana split pie. Yummy! The boys had fun hanging out and like always we had a good visit with Booge's Fam. We love Pops so much and hope he had a good birthday.

                                                                    Pops and Jace

                                                  Porter and Diddy cheesing it up.

 Booge and Tayci. She is getting so big. She is such a fun baby. She smiles at everyone and is such a happy easy going girl.
                                 There is never a shortage of boys crawling around all over Pops.